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"Life changing.  It all begins with the space created by Marni.  No words give true meaning to the space of Kambo.  Make no mistake, I was scared.  Any fears I had were quickly vanished by the love and safety of the space by Marni. 


Together we came up with my intentions of why I was here and Marni was able to identify where the medicine should be administered.  As I prepared for my healing, Marni clearly went through what to expect.  The biggest expectation is the "purge".  The true healing.  To really lean into the medicine and to let Kambo do its work without fear.  Make no mistake, you will feel the effects of the medicine almost immediately.  You are reminded to breathe and to "purge" with true intention.  With each purge, and through the help of Marni, the music and the space of Kambo, I got through it. 


Now here's where things get really interesting.  As the medicine is removed after about 20 minutes, you begin to feel better almost immediately.  WIth each passing moment this overwhelming strength of clarity and purpose sets in.  Whatever intentions you had coming into ceremony are quickly met with abundant clarity.  This feeling continues to grow by day and you begin to realize your purpose.  The little things that cloud my head are gone.  I'm surrounded by love within myself and I take on the following days with new meaning.  It is suggested to do 3 Kambo ceremonies within 28 days and with two rounds behind me, I cannot wait for day 3 of Kambo!


Thank you Marni for sharing this incredible gift."    - Brian P

"Marni led me through 3 sessions in 3 days and it was an incredible experience. She makes you feel safe and comfortable through the entire session and has a very nurturing presence. I'm feeling amazing and would highly recommend her!" - Sam K. 

"I was really nervous about sitting with Kambo for the first time, but I had a collection of physical symptoms that were not helped with conventional therapies, so I was willing to try. 


I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia and pretty intense IBS + chronic nausea. I've also had to take medication for high blood pressure, and even on medication, my BP was only ever in the high normal range.


I’m happy to report that after 3 sessions of Kambo, I have had a dramatic decrease in body pain and IBS symptoms, and no nausea. My blood pressure was 104/67 this morning - it hasn't been that low since I was in my 20's, I thought the machine was broken! I've taken my BP several times since then and it remains normal.


I also know that Kambo helped my purge for the plant medicine ceremony I attended the same week. I’ve been sitting with plant medicine for a couple years now and have historically had very difficult purges and terrible nausea.  After utilizing Kambo, my purge came easily, and I even had a night with no purge, which has never happened for me. 


Sitting with Marni for Kambo was amazing, she has a unique way of being very present in the space without interrupting the experience. I felt well cared for and supported, but also independent. 


I’m not going to lie, Kambo is a very intense experience, and is really uncomfortable…but it’s short and incredibly helpful. I felt comfortable in the space, and free to let my body work with the medicine however it needed to. 


Marni made delicious, nourishing food after and brought me tea while my body recovered. I would absolutely recommend her as a facilitator for this beautiful medicine. I am so grateful to have had the experience, and for the healing my body, mind and spirit received."   - Lauren L

"Very kind and knowledgeable about the entire process. Talked with her and a friend of hers who was getting a meridian treatment as well for a while to find the right meridian points to select on my body for what I was going through.

Highly recommend meridian work, it might be a bit confusing to those who have never learned a lot about how nerves and energy run through our bodies.

But all in all, worth it. Very nice setting at her home, with a public forest to go walk in before (if you get there early like me) or after if you're feeling froggy 🐸  many blessings on your journey." - Luke M.

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