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Type of Kambo Sessions

Kambo sessions can occur in two ways:

  • One-on-one (private session)

  • Kambo Circle (group session of two or more participants)

Sessions can occur at my home or I can travel to you

Benefits of a One-on-One Kambo Session:

  1. Personalized attention: In a one-on-one session, the Kambo practitioner can focus their attention solely on you, tailoring the experience to your specific needs and circumstances. This allows for a more individualized and personalized approach.

  2. Privacy and comfort: Some individuals may feel more comfortable and at ease in a private setting, especially when dealing with sensitive emotional or physical issues. One-on-one sessions offer a greater sense of privacy and can create a space for deeper personal exploration and vulnerability.

Benefits of a Kambo Circle:

  1. Community support: Kambo circles involve a group of individuals receiving Kambo together. This communal setting can provide a sense of support, connection, and shared experience. Participants can offer each other encouragement and create a supportive environment during the process.

  2. Energy amplification: The collective energy and intention of the group in a Kambo circle can create a powerful and synergistic effect. The combined focus and support may enhance the overall energetic experience and facilitate a deeper sense of transformation.

  3. Learning and insight: Kambo circles often provide an opportunity to learn from others' experiences. Participants can share insights, perspectives, and wisdom gained from their own Kambo journeys, creating a rich learning environment.

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