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Kambo Session

What to Expect

When the session begins, a small hot stick is used to mildly burn only the most superficial part of the epidermis. It's important to note that this layer is not as deep as a blister and there is no bleeding involved. In an introductory Kambo session, it is common to open 3-5 'gates' in the skin. The number of gates will be determined by the client's comfort level and individual health history.


The dried Kambo secretion is mixed with a small amount of water to create fine dots. If it is your first time working with Kambo, we will do a test point, where only one point of the secretion is put on to be able to monitor your body's reaction before any further points are placed on your skin.  Prior to applying the Kambo dots to the open gates on the skin, you will be instructed to consume a certain amount of water which will support the purging process. Once the Kambo secretion is applied to the gates and enters your lymphatic system, the effects are rapid and powerful. When the peptides in Kambo reach the receptors in your brain, it appears that Kambo "scans" your systems and starts working on any areas where there are blockages - whether physical or emotional - and it focuses on those areas that require attention. 


Within 30 seconds to a minute of the Kambo application, you will feel a warm flushing sensation throughout your body. There will be an increase in your heart rate accompanied by a mild throbbing sensation in your head. The lips, ears, and tongue may become numb and tingly, and you may feel dizzy or light-headed. You will experience flu-like symptoms such as weakness, body aches, and nausea. Your body temperature may fluctuate, and sweating is normal. It is not uncommon for your face, tongue and throat to swell as you go through this process. Focusing on your breath during this most intense phase is a great way to support yourself and keep yourself mentally calm.


During this time, you may feel the urge to purge, although purging is not necessary to receive the benefits of Kambo. Because of the water consumed prior to the secretion being placed on your skin, the purging process is generally smooth. You may also experience an emotional release or 'purge'.   All of these physical experiences are a result of the pharmacological effects of the peptides in Kambo and these physical symptoms vary in intensity between individuals.

After purging, the flu-like symptoms subside quickly, leaving you in a relaxed state, where you may want to sleep. I encourage clients to take as much time as they need to rest, while I prepare them a cup of tea and honey to drink once they feel ready. After resting for approximately 30-45 minutes, you will regain strength and energy, and can continue on with your day as usual. It is important to drink and eat something once you have recovered from your Kambo session. Eat whatever you can tolerate - whatever sounds good to you. 

Your Kambo gates will be sealed and covered with a Peruvian tree sap called Dragon's Blood, specifically from the Croton lechleri tree. This helps the burn points heal optimally and prevents infections.


The benefits of Kambo can be experienced in the hours, days, and weeks following the session.  Clients often report a consistently uplifted mood, boosted physical and mental energy, increased resilience to stress and fatigue, mental clarity, improved sleep and relief from the weight of negative emotions.


A Kambo session usually lasts around 2 hours. The time it takes to perform cleansing and purging may require as little as 20 minutes or as much as 40 minutes. However, the average time required for most individuals is anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes.

Engaging in multiple Kambo sessions consecutively, particularly for first-time users, has shown significant benefits. Many individuals opt for three consecutive days of treatment to facilitate deep shifts, or they choose to have three sessions within a 28-day period (equivalent to a moon cycle). This approach may allow the body to undergo more profound healing, as Kambo's effects accumulate when treatments are closer together.

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